Stingray Volleyball Academy

SVA prides itself as an educational program built upon the fundamental skills of volleyball. We believe the life lessons and values we teach are essential to a player's development as an athlete, student, and young person. Although we aim to develop individual and team skills, we recognize the most important lessons we teach athletes stretch beyond the volleyball court. Hard work is a core value that goes into everything we teach and train.


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College Commitments

Taylor Wrinkle

2019 Warner University


2019 USAO


2019 Bethany College


2018 Arizona State

Erin Peterson

2018 Dakota State University

Teagan Hamilton

2017 Seminole State College

Sydney Breckenridge

2017 Seminole State College

Kylie Shanahan

2017 Independence Community College

Destiny Pennington

2017 Ottowa University, Arizona

Morley Perrin

2016 Cal Poly

Kylie Van Eck

2016 Ottowa University, Kansas

Amy Weiss

2015 Abilene Christian University

Jodaci Sebock

2015 Langston University

Haley Davis

2015 Panhandle University

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