Stingray Fall Beach 2023

At Stingray for the 2023 fall beach season we have decided to teach with a focus on the development of each beach player, beginner to advanced.  During the fall season players will be focusing on individual beach skills, vertical and strength training. We would strongly recommend that you do not come with a partner. Playing with different people and learning how to adjust to different playing styles is paramount in the beach game.   Stingray Beach teaches the game through maximum and quality touches.  Our focus on ball control, creates a strong technical background which teaches beach players to be confident for any situation. Using an assortment of drills to practice techniques, tactics, and strategies Stingray Beach players are more skilled and versatile to confidently enter a match or simply enjoy the game.  Being a part of Stingray Beach means you love the game and you are always looking to improve. When you train at Stingray Beach, players enjoy the experience, meet new players and make new friends. Stingray Beach helps athletes establish individual goals for improvement. Whether it’s helping improve their serve over the net, strategies to winning a tournament or playing college volleyball, we keep motivation high to help each beach player achieve their goals.

Start Date: Monday, August 14

End Date: Thursday, October 5

Cost: 1 day a week-$320   2 days a week-$560
(All payments are final. No refunds will be given.)

Training days: Mondays 7:00pm-8:30pm, Thursdays 7:00-8:30

(If you register for one day a week, you can come to either class option up to 4 days per month.  If you register for the two days per week you can come to all sessions scheduled for that month.)



Tournament Dates /Tournament Schedule below

Registration:Use the button below to register online. There are two training options for Fall Beach Training. Choose the class titled, One day, if you intend to only do one day per week.  Choose the class titled, Two Day, if you intend to do two days per week.

Drop-in rate: $40

2023 Fall Beach Tournament Schedule:






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