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Are you looking to improve your volleyball skills, take your game to a higher competitive level, or just learn the beach game while getting a great workout and having a blast? Whether you are brand new to beach volleyball, or you are a competitive beach player who wants to get to the next level, there is no better or faster way to improve your skills then by training in the sand with Stingray Beach (SBVB). In 2011, SBVB was started to offer a high level of sand volleyball instruction in a high-performance and fun setting for junior girls ages 10 through college. SBVB also leads fitness training for each player.

Plans are underway for season 10…building on our success from 2020!  Training and home tournaments will take place at the Stingray Volleyball Complex, a great setting for the whole family for a day of sand volleyball. Stingray Beach is an official club of AAU Volleyball. We are the first sand  club in the state of Oklahoma. Est.2011

Benefits of Playing Beach Volleyball

Stingray Beach offers a tremendous opportunity for juniors to improve their game by becoming proficient in all phases of the game. Instead of training to become the best front row or back row player like many players are forced to while playing the indoor game, you will learn to become proficient at all phases of the game.  Sand volleyball strengthens your lower body and your core, and the sand’s shock absorption make injuries a lot less likely and less jarring than the indoor game.

We will work with our players on the skills of the game and the strategy of the game. In addition, we will teach you how to think on your feet. Rather than just going to a base position on the court every time, you will learn how to think your way through a match and learn to pick up tendencies of your opponents to better defend your side of the court. We look forward to working with your young athletes.

A few fast facts about the upcoming season


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2021 Tournament Schedule



→ Red Plains Beach League Series . All participants must have an AAU membership.
Thursdays May 13 -July 15

  • Thursday Mornings – 9:00am: 16U & 18U
  • Thursday Evenings – 6:00pm: 12U & 14U

Cost: $40 per team

Registration: Contact Erin at 405-305-9758 or to check for availability.


→ Red Plains Adult League:

Red Plains Adult Co-ed 4s Beach League
$60 per player
Players receive t-shirt.
Teams: up to 6 players per team. Minimum of 1 female player on the court.
Sundays @ 6:30 pm
6 weeks of league play (games are best 2 out of 3); 1 week single elimination tournament (all teams make bracket)
Starts Sunday, July 11. Ends Sunday, August 22.


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