SVA Coaching Philosophy

At SVA we focus on the overall development of EACH player:

Expectations of Coaches

Each coach’s main objective is to provide our athletes with as much quality individual and team training as possible in a positive and encouraging learning environment. They are required to plan and organize their team’s individual practice sessions, administer instruction at tournaments, and develop the composition and organization of the team. Our coaches strive to be to be excellent role models for the players and all others with whom they may come into contact. The staff of SVA will provide all the administration for tournaments, travel, and finances within the club so our coaches can concentrate on coaching and their own professional growth.

SVA Coaching System

We offer a systematic approach to coaching volleyball. Our goal is to implement a system of coaching that will teach the skills of volleyball at each age level allowing our Coaches their own unique style of coaching. Our approach builds on each previous year, expanding your skill set and the foundation you learned the previous year. This is competitive volleyball and is coached as such. We have two different objectives based on the age of the player:

  • For the young player we want to develop a solid base of fundamental skill as well as passion for the sport.
  • As players get older and progress through the program we want to provide the path to a level of excellence that allows each and every athlete to test their own limitations.

As we create a culture of a championship club & championship teams our system includes additional programs for Youth Development/beginners and development of your skills at your specific position. Our “Lead Coaches” are our most experienced coaches and have been placed in a position of leadership to work with younger coaches teaching practice planning, how to read a player, how to understand what pushes a player, game strategy and how to coach our systematic approach of the skills. This allows for our teams/coaches to work together to achieve a championship team/club at SVA. SVA will always seek out the best coaches available in the OKC area. We want to hire, train and retain the most experienced coaches available.

SVA has always been recognized as a club with truly talented coaches who have a passion for the game of volleyball. We are fortunate to have dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate coaches responsible for the development of our players. SVA goes one step further we understand the responsibility of the opportunity we have to teach the girls/boys life-long lessons. Athletics lends itself to teaching leadership, teamwork, communication, how to deal with adversity and success and build confidence. We take this opportunity very seriously as coaches and work with each girl/boy to create an environment where these life-long lessons are taught.

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