College Recruiting

Are you looking for a place to play where you know college coaches are going to see you and where you will be promoted? If so, SVA is the place to be. We work hard to make sure that colleges know about you as we send multiple emails and communicate continuously to colleges all over the country promoting our young ladies. We can help guide you to the right school and will help make the recruiting process much easier with the day to day guidelines, recruiting tools and information on how to promote yourself. We will work hard for each and every one of our athletes whose goal is to continue their athletic career to the next level. Please join us as we hope to be able to help you further your game and move on to the next phase of your career.


Recruiting Workshops

We will host a Recruiting Workshops for both players and parents that will cover several aspects of the recruiting process and hold the players accountable for action steps. We will cover many topics including how to design effective videos, important dates, identifying colleges etc.


We Communicate with Schools you’re Interested in:

We collect all the schools you are interested in and 3-4 times each year, we send emails out to college coaches that provide them a list of all our SVA athletes that are interested in their program. This email includes the players’ names, height, reach, graduation year and links to team schedules, player’s profile, recruiting information and any and all videos links on the athlete’s profile.



Actions for the High School Athlete who aspires to play in college:

Ninth Grade
Take the right classes* and maintain highest possible grades.
*Find out the courses at
Learn good organizational tools and time management skills.
Fill out prospect/recruitment questionnaires from interested school's website.


Tenth Grade
Maintain high academic standards and continue with course load as prescribed by NCAA
Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center


Eleventh Grade
Make sure you are on track with your course load
Take ACT and SAT’s and submit scores to NCAA Eligibility Center using code 9999
At the end of the year, ask your counselor to send transcript to the Eligibility Center; if you took classes at more than one school, ask ALL school counselors
Make sure you are on track to graduate on time


Twelfth Grade
Complete NCAA core courses
Re-take ACT and SAT’s, if needed
Request your amateurism certification
After graduation, ask counselor to send final transcript and proof of graduation to the eligibility center


High Performance

The mission of the USAV High Performance Program is to build a national pipeline of junior volleyball athletes and coaches, creating broad opportunities for advancing the level of play, competition and skill development throughout the sport.


High Performance Tryout Dates



High Performance Tryouts

The High Performance Department works to advance volleyball talent and build a broader and stronger pipeline of athletes and coaches for our USA Olympic Teams. The High Performance Program bridges the gap between our USA National Teams and youth volleyball programs across the country. This is done through a system of national tryouts which then qualify athletes for training programs, camps, and Youth and Junior National Teams. The HP Program at USA Volleyball is the “Pipeline” for volleyball athletes who aspire to reach the elite level of their sport and is intended to grow the pool of talented young players who may someday compete for a spot on the USA National and Olympic Teams.

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